Themenos Progetti Ltd, Engineering Company, was founded by a group of professionals associated since 1997 with the goal of working in the field of integrated design, was born in March 2002 to provide technical advisory services to public administrations which the University of Palermo, ASI Consortium Palermo, Ministry of Interior, or companies of national importance, such as Telecom Italy SpA, PRELIOS Integra SpA formerly Pirelli Real Estate, SNAM gas network, Italgas Manutencoop SpA, SITE SpA, Ericsson Telecommunications SpA, Anas SpA, Lidl Italy Srl, Italy Vodafone, H3G, Italian Poste SpA, Enel Spa Services, Distribution Enel Spa, Manitalidea SpA, AICOM Engineering Ltd, Selex ES SpA, Sirti SpA, UniCredit Real Estate SpA and Terna SpA, Sielte SPA, Almaviva.

The field of specialization is the integrated design, construction management and safety coordination. Upon completion of engineering activities, Themenos Progetti Ltd. is able to assist the customer in all phases design such as: the study of corporate layout, preparation of technical expertise and due diligence, consultancy in the field of environmental acoustics, electromagnetic fields and energy efficiency; practices of fire prevention, testing and technical administrative preparation of the Risk Assessment Document and the role of Technical for Health and Safety inside the company.

Set up by an interdisciplinary team, other professionals interface in order to manage and coordinate the procurement ensuring the utmost professionalism and competence. In 2008, the Company acquired authorization from the Ministry of Education - Directorate General for Universities - for the exercise of the profession within the territory of the European Union since 2010 and is under the quality certification ISO 9001-2008.


  • Geom. Catania Salvatore
  • Ing. Longo Giuseppe
  • Rag. Francesca Manzella
  • Arch. Maria Rita Scaravalle
  • Geom. Giuseppe Scozzaro
  • Geom. Antonino Taravella